BrickArms Swivel Gun and Hanger Sword

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Avast, me hearties! If ye be settin' sail on the high seas, you'll be wanting to add the BrickArms Swivel Gun your vessel. 'Tis perfect for blasting any salty dogs with greedy eyes for your treasures!

And if ye be facing a boarding party or leading your own, there's no finer blade in the seven seas than the BrickArms Hanger Sword for sending any scurvy-ridden cutthroats straight to Davy Jones locker!

- Swivel Gun
- Swivel Gun Endcap with Handle
- Swivel Gun Plain Endcap
- Swivel Gun Pintle
- Hanger Sword (overmolded with black grip)
- LEGO flame piece

Designed by Will Chapman of BrickArms, each Swivel Gun and Hanger Sword is personally handcrafted by Will in his workshop as a special, limited edition accessory

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