We are buying Lego Collections!

We are currently only prefer to purchase Minifigures, Sealed Sets or rare items. We are not purchasing bulk unsorted bricks. We will buy mixed collections of Sealed, Minifigures, Used Complete if the quantity is large enough.

If you would like to sell us your Lego Collection through the mail, contact us and if you are ready, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label based on size of weight of boxes so you do not have any upfront expenses. We can also send you a quote based on the information you send us, but please have a number in mind on what you are looking to receive for you items.

If you are in the Midwest, USA we may be able to travel to you if collection is large enough.

Please keep in mind we cannot pay full Bricklink, ebay or Amazon Average sold prices as that's what we would be making minus another 15-30% in fees from them.

Payment is in Paypal Good and Service with Detailed Invoice or Cash if in Person.



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