Brickarms Lever Action Rifle Reloaded

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Brickarms Lever Action Rifle Reloaded

Hey there, pilgrim! What you're looking at here is the BrickArms® Lever-Action Rifle, and ain't she a beaut? A finer minifig Western rifle there ain't, and she's based what them history-minded fellas call "the gun that won the West." Me, I just call it handy to have on the trail, and no cowhand minifig should have to go without one.

So fill your minifig's hand with the best there is: the BrickArms Lever-Action Rifle!

All BrickArms® Reloaded items are designed and produced by Will Chapman, the founder of BrickArms®, in his workshop in Redmond, WA. Using the latest developments in minifigure accessory design and custom tooling, Chapman is able to produce detailed, multi-colored accessories using a multi-step 'overmolding' injection process. The resulting collectors' items are known as BrickArms® Reloaded

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