PRE ORDER - Lego 71046 Series 26 CMF Space Complete Set of 12 Collectible Minifigures

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Lego 71046 Series 26 CMF Space Complete Set of 12 Figures PRE-ORDER

****SHIPS MID to LATE May****** Will be AFTER they are out in stores. NO CANCELATIONS after 24 hours.

Orders Shipped first by those who placed orders first

This set includes the following 12 collectible minifigures:

Modern Astronaut
Alien Robot Suit
Alien Tourist
Retro Spacewoman
Space Nurse
Alien with UFO Costume
Ice Planet 2002
Space Robot
Insectoids Zotaxian
Blacktron Mutant

*Items Must be paid for ahead of time and cannot be paid for at time of shipping.

*We cannot guarantee that they will ship before or after other stores online or locally.

*Price Changes? We cannot change price after the order is place.

*Orders Ship on first come basis.

Lego has made changes in packaging by replacing the Collectible Minifigure polybag with a minibox. Each Minibox has been opened to verify the minifigure. The minifigures have been removed from the minibox and transferred to a polybag. The miniboxes are not included. You will receive one of each of the 12 minifigures pictured, including the series sheet, baseplate, and any or all accessories.

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